Secret Love Children The Public Doesn’t Know About

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Some celebrity love children aren’t exactly well-kept secrets. Everyone knows that Liv Tyler was the passion product of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell, and we all know about the formerly secret son Arnold Schwarzenegger had with his housekeeper. Still, there are a ton of other stars whose illegitimate tykes somehow flew under the radar. Here are some secret celebrity love children the public may not know about… Mad mom | 0:25 Baby Roc | 1:13 Good dad hunting | 1:54 About a boy | 2:30 Alleyoops | 3:16 Walker, Texas Father | 3:41 Marriage crasher | 4:15 The wolfdad | 4:37 Puff Daddy | 5:06 Fast and father-ess | 5:34 Baby Bush | 6:02 Read more here →

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