Justin Bieber Wipes Out On Stage; Reveals He Lip Syncs

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We’re betting it’s too late for the stage guys to say sorry to Justin Biber. The singer completely slips, slides, and wipes out on stage after slipping on water.

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  1. Death gun says:

    Ha lip syncing ?? so jb

  2. Brittany Buckley says:

    He can’t use a microphone in water… He’d get electrocuted.

  3. Emma Paull says:

    And people say he sings good all time?

  4. kpop addict says:

    don’t use dancing as an excuse , most Kpop idols dance through out the
    whole song and still manage to sing live

  5. Patsy Lau says:

    How are supposed to sing while dancing in rain!?!?
    He does sing along sometimes

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