Big Brody STREET FIGHT vs Tyrone UFC Style: Will Big Brody Win? CELEBRITY BOXING MATCH

Celebrity Boxing Match between “Big Brody vs Tyrone” Hosted by CEO Damon Feldman Of Celebrity Boxing gets closer to going down. Who Will You Be Voting For?
social media juggernauts Naphil “Tyrone” Hitson and Big Brody 6 also conduct the second press conference for their match on March 4th at the 2300 Arena.
Tickets on sale
Press Conference:
Tyrone vs Big Brody Fight Press Conference The issues between the two continue

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  1. Wet blanket says:

    fag wigga

  2. SuperBoris1976 says:

    Man they never guna have a fight , why don’t they just meet up on a field
    have it out film it, disc it and sell the fkers 1buks each.they never guna

    • Mat Licup says:

      Funny how you saying they never gonna fight when their fight is scheduled
      tommorow. Got horrible ass timing.

  3. man stfu .. you sound like a bitch

  4. Malcolm Ortiz says:

    Stupid ass motherfucker, lame ass video and song coming outta that cheap
    ass phone

  5. Seldom Seen says:

    It’s gonna come down to cardio, kinda give Tyrone the advantage because of
    the weight difference. I like Tyrone but I want Big Brody to knock him out

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